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Colony Ship - Third Iteration

by Myrthos, 2019-09-13 09:25:40

In an update for Colony Ship, user interface changes are discussed.

As you probably know, we're waiting for the missing animations (the once long list has been reduced to two-handed weapons and grenades), portraits (8 NPC portraits to go), and armor (all vests, boots and leggings, helmets, goggles, and gas masks are done; waiting for the jackets and coats, which will be done after all animations are in). While we're waiting, we made some changes and improvements.

  • removed all caps from the textbox, added a corresponding skill and level to the weapon slots, the character level, plus replaced words like DMG and AMMO with icons to reduce clutter, added a reaction chance, resized the overhead portraits.
  • replaced the disco floor with the movement range but if you prefer the grid you can bring it back via Options.
  • still working on the firing range as we need to show both the effective and maximum ranges
  • added proper cursors for all occasions (pointer, examine, target, interact, open, climb, etc)
  • replaced the old targeting info with a new one (blue - critical, green - hit, yellow - graze, red - miss; pressing ALT gives you a full breakdown of each value)
  • replaced the old overhead icons with new ones (the eye shows the effect of your cover,  its effect on the enemy's THC; the shield shows the enemy's cover, its effect on your THC)

Thanks Pladio.

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