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Bloom - New Kickstarter

by Myrthos, 2019-10-11 10:15:30

The development of Bloom has been challenging and in order to try and get the last stretch of the game done the developer has decided to launch a new Kickstarter campaign, asking for $6.500, which will allow new backers to help make this game see the light of day.

Hey everyone, I'd been mulling over how to approach the final development leg for a while (up to release). It's been a back and forth thing, setting up another KS....but then trying out patreon instead and all that. 

Anyhow, finally decided to jump into a "home stretch" campaign! 

Hopefully it all goes ok and I can drum up a bit of extra help for this last bit of development. 

And from the Kickstarter page:

Development on Bloom began properly about 7+ years ago. The journey till now has been a roller-coaster of advancement and setbacks... but after all this time we are finally in the home stretch with the artwork, design, and programming nearing completion.

Five years ago we were lucky enough to raise $45,000 (after taxes and Kickstarter fees) , thanks to a group of amazing people believing in us here on kickstarter. 

Back then we were trying to launch an ambitious dream, but now we are working to finish an ambitious reality.

It wasn’t a lot for our team of 3….but we split it between us and, ultimately, helped keep me (Ivory) working full time for a while. 

After the money ran out though, I kept going for years to complete the over 400 unique environments, 75+ unique models (rigged, textured, and animated), and create the other various bits Bloom needed (such as icons, UI, abilities, effects, and writing / game design).  

Now, the bulk of the work is over and it's just a short stretch to finally getting it together and finishing. 

Sadly, during development we had some catastrophic setbacks (such as vital team members leaving the project and going on to rebuild under a new engine).   

These setbacks would have killed most projects….but, as they say, where there is a will there is a way. The journey hasn’t been easy, but we have a lot to show for it.

So we are back to try and find a little more help getting through this last stage of development. 

There are numerous videos available for the game in the form of development updates and this is the latest one:

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