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The Last Spell - Dev Blog 6: Hero Stats

by Silver, 2019-12-01 19:59:23

The latest dev blog for The Last Spell looks at Hero Stats.

Heroes Stats

You like numbers, right?
Hello survivors!

We’re back! It’s almost December, and we’re slowly getting closer to the release of The Last Spell!

Today we’ll take a closer look on how we designed the overall system which drives our characters in their fight against the hordes of evil. We wanted to make something that would be:

  • not TOO complicated, so that the player instantly understands most of the concepts.
  • BUT with enough depth so that we can make interesting bonuses in our perks, items, etc…

In fact we actually already re-worked this particular system twice since we started thinking about The Last Spell! Right now we have come up with something that seems to be working pretty well on paper. We still have to playtest it in our next prototype, but we are pretty confident it should do the trick.


So our characters have several components that define them:
  • Attributes: that’s the basic stats of the heroes.
  • Traits: bonus features that can modify Attributes and even some more advanced things.
  • Perks: level-up bonuses with passive abilities.
  • Skills: active abilities of the heroes that you can use to make actions, in battle or in-between.

The skills overall come from the equiped items, and mostly from the weapons, so I’ll talk about it in another blog post ;).

The Perks and Traits are more advanced features, so today I’ll mostly be talking about the Attributes of the characters.

They are divided into 3 groups:

  • Health: pretty basic, when it reaches 0 the character dies.
  • Mana: used to cast more powerful and magical skills.
  • Action Points (AP): used for launching skills.
  • Move Points (MP): moving 1 tile costs 1 MP, and some skills can cost MPs too.


Thanks Sztaszov!

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