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VtM: Bloodlines 2 - Interview about Combat System @Gamasutra

by Silver, 2019-12-02 10:54:27

@Gamasutra An interview about reworking the combat system for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

Feeling a bloodlust

"The combat system in the sequel is primarily focused on the idea that you are the weapon," Schwarzer said, adding that the feeling of being a vampire is the whole point of the game. "You are not a counter-terrorism specialist that needs to strap on a lot of gear, you are the badass."

Schwarzer said that that mindset led to a focus on forward motion, speed of movement, and the power imbalance between humans and vampires. Playing a vampire, even a weak one when you first begin your adventure, should make fighting humans somewhat trivial. Coupling your characters strength with quick movements based on forward motion, helped instill a feeling of power in the player. 

Vampires are more durable and much stronger than humans, and the combat design reflects that. You'll deal more damage with melee weapons, like a crowbar, than humans and ranged weapons deal less damage to you due to an inherent capability called soak. Vampires absorb a set amount of damage before they start to get hurt. Dealing with humans, who often come in numbers, will be different than fighting another vampire. 

"So attacking a vampire enemy with a ranged weapon is good for slowing them down," Schwarzer said. "But it isn't immediately as effective as going into close range, for example, and cutting them." 


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