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Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Review

by Silver, 2019-12-03 11:37:05

CGMagOnline reviewed Kingdom Under Fire 2 and found it wanting.

The Kingdom Under Fire series has mostly been comprised of real-time and active strategy wargames, however, the latest installment puts a twist on the basic formula by functioning as an MMO with various RPG elements alongside the traditional strategy gameplay. The MMORPG-RTS hybrid style of Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an interesting direction for the series after 2007’s Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.

However, despite the 12 years between Circle of Doom and KUF 2, there really isn’t much to recommend the new game. It isn’t a bad game, as it mostly functions as needed, but there’s very little about the gameplay, characters, or world to really recommend it. Add on a by-the-numbers RPG plot and bizarre visual animations, and the player is left with a flawed but functional product.


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