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Bonfire - Releases the 26th of march

by Myrthos, 2020-03-25 10:50:39

The tactical roguelite game Bonfire is coming to Steam this Thursday, the 26th of March.

Bonfire is a bite-sized tactical RPG about journey and failure, centred around rapid turn-based combat, with a story so gloomy it's cute how gloomy it is.
It comes out on Steam this Thursday (March 26th), priced $17.99 (10% launch discount).
The design is all about distilling classic jRPG combat into its key strategic components, so that each battle feels less like a tax form and more like a puzzle to solve (think what Into the Breach did with strategy games). It's quick, it's punchy, and it's deeply tactical. The story is heavily character-driven and focused on the dynamic between fantasy heroes traveling through a world they already failed to save (does some funky things with it too, as the game is otherwise procedural).
It’s an early access release, but already highly polished and it works as a self-contained product with around 20h -30h of gameplay.
The website says this:

Bonfire is a tactical roguelite about journey, failure, and heroes who care a little too much.

Hildie’s world has collapsed. She and her group of heroic misfits journey through a desolate world that’s well past saving. Her quest to destroy the Faceless Overlord of the Mournfolk may be hopeless, but she’s kinda into lost causes.

Bonfire is a procedurally generated, deeply tactical RPG with a rapid battle system and heroes who care a little too much. A game of plans that go sideways, crazy builds that somehow work, quick gameplay sessions, and a cute-sad story that binds it all together.


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