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Kickstarter Games - HOLMGANG: Memories of the Forgotten

by Silver, 2020-03-26 09:23:43

@Gematsu HOLMGANG: Memories of the Forgotten is described as a 3D Quick RPG Action-Adventure Game inspired by an epic fantasy saga of books and it is on Kickstarter now.


Holmgang is a hack n’ slash at its core, and each character will have their own unique combat style. Additionally, you’ll be able to craft your own combos in the combo editor and evolve each character’s skill tree to make the experience truly unique and personal. 

During the game, you’ll face lots of enemies with different behaviors, weapons and weaknesses, so your gear and combo configuration will decide if you’re victorious! 


In Holmgang, you’ll explore the world of Dracorum by land and sea, finding friends and foes along the way. Some of them will give you quests or sell you unique items, but others will try to deceive you. Choose your path wisely, because there’s not only one, and some of them have intricate environmental puzzles that could lead you to certain death. Plus, each main character will be able to access secret areas with rare loot. This adds a high replayability factor, like any good old “Metroidvania”.

Remember, there's no single right way to play the game… so experience them all!  


Thanks Farflame!

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