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Wasteland 3 - Previews & Gameplay Video

by Silver, 2020-03-26 09:38:15

Some Wasteland 3 previews and a 53 minute gameplay video.

DSOGaming reported on a gameplay video from Rob Cram.

inXile Entertainment has launched that Closed Beta phase for Wasteland 3. Therefore, below you can find a video showing 53 minutes of gameplay footage from it. This video showcases the game’s player customization, as well as its opening combat area.



Twinfinite was not overly impressed with what was shown.

There is a cover system at the heart of combat encounters, with your Rangers being harder to hit depending on whether they are in half or full cover. Cover is directional, so flanking is essential to overcoming the oftentimes overwhelming numbers of foes that are thrown at you in any given encounter.

Character progression goes beyond simply combat efficacy, and while you can spec a given Ranger towards battlefield dominance, ensuring you have squad members able to handle things like locked doors or password-protected computers and electronics can give you a huge advantage as well.


One aspect that was disappointing though was the presentation, which definitely feels a little bit low budget. Wasteland 3’s development was crowdfunded initially, and it shows. inXile was purchased by Xbox Game Studios during production and received additional funding, but the majority of it went towards implementing conversational scenes and hiring more voice actors.

Entertainium wondered how stealth would work.

A spot that the beta didn’t make very clear upon getting to that objective was how stealth could ultimately work in the final version of the game, as we got to a spot where yet another insect droid was patrolling. I was able to sneak by while its back was turned, as the flavor text humorously mentioned that that thing would totally cream us in battle, but it didn’t make clear how detection works within the game, which I’m hoping will be developed in the final version.

Anyway, The Patriarch made quite the impression as he quickly explained what he needed from us in exchange for sending supplies to our starving comrades back in the desert. We were to help him attack and capture his estranged kids who took up residence in a few different spots in Colorado. His dialog was on par with his attitude, for someone who would call a whole state as his own, and expectedly grand for someone who names their kids Liberty, Valor, and Victory. 


CG Magonline wanted to try the multiplayer out more.

One aspect that I did not play, however, that I want to test myself is the multiplayer component. Wasteland 3 allows for two players to play with each other in the same campaign, dividing up the playable characters evenly in order to do so. Both players are free to fight side by side with each other in tactical battles, but they are also free to explore opposite ends of the map and tackle challenges on their even. The multiplayer is even asynchronous, and one player is fully capable of continuing the campaign by themselves while the other is asleep. That said, InExile didn’t want to facilitate harmful griefing as a result, instead focusing on playful interactions and accounting for the edge cases that result from two players exploring the same map at the same time.

“We didn’t want to make it so that you were trying to kill the other person, but we allow you to grief the other player,” Fargo said. “ I think one of my favourite things [you can do] is like, you can make a snow pile and throw snow at the other player. Or you can urinate on the snow, turn it yellow, and throw it and give the guy a disease instead.”


Thanks Farflame!

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