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Gamedec - Coming to GOG

by Myrthos, 2020-03-26 15:02:28

In the Kickstarter update of today, we learn that Gamedec is also coming to GOG and that they have reached 70% of their goal.

The responses we've received during the first 24 hours, and a fact that we reached 70% of our goal makes us very happy. Thank you for so many questions, comments, shares, posts, and of course - pledges! It's so good to see such a big response from the Kickstarter community. 

We have some HUGE news about the distribution platforms of the Gamedec.  

Many of you asked us in comments and private messages about GOG.COM!

You’ve commented, you’ve asked for it, and now we can announce it – Gamedec will be available on GOG.COM at launch! 

That also means that when the campaign will end, and we will start sending surveys - You will be able to choose the platform of your choice (Steam/GOG.COM) and will receive the key to that platform!

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