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Stoneshard - Trollslayer Progress Update

by Silver, 2020-03-26 20:44:00

A progress update for Stoneshard dubbed Trollslayer promises to be available April 14th.

Devlog: Progress Update

Hello everyone!

In today’s devlog we’ll share more details about some of the new additions which will be included in the “Trollslayer” update.

Grave Robbery

Now you’ll be able to grab a shovel and head to the nearest cemetery. If you spend some time digging around, you might find something valuable or interesting. Just remember that this isn’t the most pleasant of activities, so your character’s sanity and morale can take a noticeable hit if you rob graves too frequently.

If you don’t have a shovel with you, you can also try digging with your bare hands. Though the process will take much more time in this case plus there’s a risk of hand injury.

Roadside Altars

It’s now possible to randomly encounter roadside altars which were set up to honor the Host, the deity worshipped in Aldor. You can pray to the Host by these altars to gain a blessing for a few hundred turns. Blessings grant resistance to unholy damage, gradually restore psyche, and slightly increase received experience.

With the addition of a fully-fledged worship system, the altars mechanics will be substantially expanded, but for now their purpose is to add more variety to the world and encourage traveling by roads.

Save Slots

There were lots of requests to add character slots, so by popular demand it was decided to add them with this update. You’ll no longer need to bother with backing up game files. It’ll now be possible to create multiple characters and switch between them without any busywork.

Changes to Dungeon Generation

We continue experimenting with our dungeon generator by adding various changes. The updated version will be able to create more complex and engaging structures.

We also continue to fill the world with more details. The “Trollslayer” update will have three new points of interests. One of them we’ve already shown. Here’s the second one:

Update Release Date

We’ve decided to add a number of initially unplanned and unannounced features (such as save slots and changes to dungeon generation), so we’ll need a bit more time to finish their implementation and polish the build. “Trollslayer” will be available in three weeks - exactly on April 14th.

Until next time!

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