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Gamedec - Kickstarter Updates

by Myrthos, 2020-03-29 14:45:09

Three new updates have been made available since our last news post about the Kickstarter campiagn of Gamedec.

The first is about the languages that are available in the game:

Gamedec will support these languages text-wise on launch:

- English

- Polish

- German

- Russian

- Chinese (simplified)

We cannot promise anything more, for now, translating a game with that many lines of dialogues is very expensive. As an indie studio, we need to carefully decide where such an investment makes sense. We’re looking closely at our Steam and GOG.COM wishlists and backers’ whereabouts to determine which countries have the most of our community.

The second is about the True Detective mode stretch goal being reached:

You have unlocked the first Stretch Goal! You are amazing! Thank you! The fans from across the world are spreading the word and pledging. And we can clearly see the effects of the community which is building here live on Kickstarter! We also try to reply to your DMs as fast as we can and clarify all possible issues, don’t hesitate to ask us anything. 

The third is about the additional interactions stretch goal being funded and the next stretch goal:

Second Stretch Goal has been unlocked! We feel astonished that so many media outlets, websites, blogs, and content creators started posting articles and videos about Gamedec! Of course, we can't forget about reddit and other social media platforms - the feedback is overwhelming!

We've reached over 70k, so it's time to show you our third Stretch Goal, this time its Additional character customization.

Feeling fancy? We have five more skins to choose from!

Reaching the goal of $85,000 will unlock more options to customize your character. Many of you asked for a bigger skin pool with classic additions to your character style - fedora anyone? Any guesses? What skins would you like to see? Who knows, maybe you'll inspire our designers and add another piece to this community-driven campaign :)

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