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Tower of Time - Final Edition

by Hiddenx, 2020-05-22 16:04:18

With the last patch for the Tower of Time the name is changing to Tower of Time Final Edition:

Tower of Time Final Edition

Have an itch for fast paced RPG with new approach to combat and party building?
We have done some final polishing work on Tower of Time and we consider it 'Final Edition' now.

Here is the content of the last patch:

  • Fixed achievements on Linux -- now working properly
  • Fixed few very small bugs -- e.g. effect of the fountains not visible immediately
  • Rebalancing of the difficulty -- enemy units, items, skills, battle parameters as number of enemies, spawn frequency, frequency of skills used, etc..
  • As a result there shouldn’t be any spikes in difficulty levels when moving between Tower levels. Still – when you outgrow current difficulty level (by building a real kick-ass party) – we highly recommend increasing difficulty during the game. You can do it anytime outside combat.
  • Visual upgrade of some skills

Thanks henriquejr!

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