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The Ascent - Story and Gameplay Details

by Silver, 2020-05-24 02:48:08

Game-Insider report what they have learned about The Ascent's story and gameplay.

Developer Neon Giant’s upcoming Xbox Series X game, The Ascent, is set on the planet of Veles in The Ascent Group arcology, a corporate fief in which workers are brought from across the galaxy to live and die for the Ascent Group corporation. This happy state of affairs suddenly goes south when the corporation itself mysteriously shuts down, leaving the workers without direction, security enforcers without paychecks, automated security going haywire and nearby rival corporations and criminal syndicates sharpening their knives for a hostile takeover in the most literal sense.

You, the player, are somehow caught up in these events and are thus tasked with figuring out what exactly happened to the corporation, fending off invaders both corporate and criminal, and maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the way helping the arcology itself become a new and independent polity free of outside corporate influence.


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