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Hylics 2 - Released

by Hiddenx, 2020-07-01 18:58:55

The surreal RPG Hylics 2 has been released:

Hylics 2

The tyrant Gibby’s minions seek to reconstitute their long-presumed-annihilated master. It’s up to our crescent headed protagonist Wayne to assemble a crew and put a stop to that sort of thing.



  • A mesmerizing visual style incorporating stop-motion animation, 3D-scanned clay models, and pixel art.
  • Engage in turn-based RPG combat against over 25 adversaries, each with unique capabilities and behaviors.
  • Gather Wayne's crew and explore 3D environments. Use air-dashing, rolling, and gliding to find hidden treasures or evade enemies. Consult the world's inhabitants for hints, lore, and musings.
  • Find TVs throughout the world to learn exciting new battle abilities like Poromer Bleb and Soul Crisper.
  • Optional side content including a diverting platformer minigame and a first-person-view dungeon-crawler.
  • The followup to 2015's Hylics. Hylics 2 uses motifs from its predecessor, but players unfamiliar with Hylics may still fully enjoy Hylics 2.

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Hylics 2

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