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The Waylanders - Preview @ Gamespace

by Hiddenx, 2020-07-10 18:38:41

Gamespace checked out The Waylanders:

The Waylanders Hands-On Preview for PC

A promising RPG in the style of Dragon Age and Baldur’s Gate

I’ve been following the development of The Waylanders for at least a couple of years now and was eager to play it when it went into early access on Steam this week. There was reportedly a Celtic flavor that piqued my interest and I can tell you what I’ve played of the alpha build is quite promising. This is our initial impressions review of The Waylanders for PC.

There may be a slight bias here since Dragon Age is probably my favorite RPG series of all time and some Bioware staff has worked on this title. The art style is surprisingly fresh and slightly cartoonish, which puts it in contrast to games like The Witcher and Dragon Age for example. I didn’t feel lost at all during the opening character creation, thankfully; since this is the alpha build I hope more customization options will be present at launch. As is par for the course in RPGs like this, you have a robust amount of classes and races to pick from; I still can’t decide between werewolf and human for my playthrough. Trans and non-binary readers should happily note you can pick your pronouns and voice tone if you need to; I thought it was a nice, inclusive addition. All standard RPG classes (warrior, ranger, mage, rogue, healer) are also present and accounted for.


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