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Earthlock - Getting a Sequel

by Silver, 2020-07-30 22:29:33

PC Gamer reports that Earthlock will be getting a sequel and this time as an action RPG.

Norwegian developers Snowcastle have announced they're returning to the world of Earthlock, their 2016 cult game inspired by the turn-based 3D RPGs of the 1990s, for a sequel. (Snowcastle has said since the first game that Earthlock was planned as a trilogy.) Earthlock 2 will take inspiration from action-RPGs, rather than turn-based ones, but will still be set on the world of Umbra. The short announce trailer shows a blasted landscape in the game's distinctive style, and a hogbunny with a sword, and a little magical mote-creature that heals some of the land and sprouts a new tree. 



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