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The Outer Worlds - Interview about DLC

by Silver, 2020-08-01 23:01:31

Checkpoint Magazine interviewed the devs of Obsidian about the latest DLC for The Outer Worlds.

Hansen suggested that Peril on Gorgon should provide a pretty meaty experience by the standards of story-led DLC: “There’s the primary Gorgon asteroid, then there’s, for lack of a better word, some off-world content that comes with it. All of that stuff combined is very similar in play-length to the experience that you had playing through the Monarch critical path. So, the amount of time that the player spent messing around on Monarch and doing all the little quests there will be roughly similar to the amount of time that they’ll have with the Gorgon asteroid and its side components.”

Patel also gave some insight into Peril on Gorgon’s original conception: “Players will recognise Adrena-Time as a consumable from the base game, something they can find and use as they explore Halcyon. But the story we’re telling around that is one that we sort of discussed internally, and there was an internal lore knowledge of, but not something that was obviously super-fleshed-out in game, and certainly not something that we had even fleshed out internally to the degree we have for the DLC.”


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