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Mortal Shell - Beta Impressions

by Silver, 2020-08-01 23:03:51

Way Too Many Games share their impressions about the beta for Mortal Shell.


The brief tutorial area takes you through three quick battles that introduce the Hardening mechanic and give players a bit of practice before the beta demo opens up into the larger arena. A hooded knight is the first enemy that takes aim at you, swinging a two handed broadsword toward you, and a pop up instructs you to hold the left trigger down to Harden. At first I giggled a bit, thinking about the famously useless Metapod Harden ability from Pokemon, but I obliged. My character immediately turned to stone and froze in place, but took no damage when the knight’s broadsword collided with me.

I immediately changed my attitude toward Harden and took a few swings at the knight. After a few successful blows, he withdrew his weapon, faded into the shallow pool below, and then the next gate opened. I proceeded down the road expecting another tutorial prompt and was met with just that.

This time I was greeted with a statue holding a broadsword similar to the one that was previously used against me. Approaching the statue, I picked up the sword and a new knight appeared. This time the game prompted me to Harden mid-attack. I expected to see an over-the-top animated special attack, but instead froze mid-swing. When the knight attacked me and made contact, it broke the Harden and immediately completed my broadsword’s arc landing a surprise counter-attack. For the second time in the first few minutes of the tutorial Mortal Shell showed me that I underestimated how clever it was.


Thanks Farflame!

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