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Kickstarter Games - Terra Invicta

by Silver, 2020-09-30 19:40:21

The creators of the Long War mod for XCOM are making their own game called Terra Invicta which is now on Kickstarter and already funded.



WHAT IF aliens bent on dominating humanity arrived in our Solar System, today? Would we unite and find a way to defend ourselves, both on Earth and in space? Or would our divisions be our downfall?

TERRA INVICTA is a grand strategy alien invasion game for PC that lets you explore these questions. You'll play as the leader of a group of humans trying to understand and address the threat – by bringing Earth's nations to your side, industrializing the Solar System, and ultimately building a space fleet able to battle the invaders.

We have brought the game to threshold of an Alpha state and are asking for your support in making it everything it can be. You can help design game content, contribute feedback on mechanics and balance, and shape all the stories you and the game can tell together.

Terra Invicta can be wishlisted on Steam and is scheduled for release in summer 2021.


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