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Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Preview @Windows Central

by Silver, 2020-10-14 18:49:41

Windows Central previewed Yakuza: Like a Dragon and have a positive impression.

I'm still unsure how the combat system will feel in the full game, given that the preview build had a huge arsenal of stuff pre-unlocked. I'm hoping that I won't feel as overpowered as I did in the full game, and there are certainly signs that won't be the case. The weapons I had equipped were far more powerful than the ones I found in the field, for example, leading me to think that the preview build was designed to make us overpowered. The game also has three difficulty settings too, so, there's always Hard mode if you want more of a challenge.

The combat is spectacular and exciting in any case, but it wasn't my favorite thing about Yakuza: Like a Dragon. From the few chapters I played, in Japanese, I already felt more connected to the game's characters than I've felt for a fair while.


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