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Star Traders: Frontiers - Major Milestone "CATALYST" and 45% off sale

by Silver, 2020-10-17 23:35:01

Star Traders: Frontiers has received a major patch and is 45% off to celebrate. The update introduces the Scientist Job, a new Intel type and raises the level cap.

Scientist Job and Scientific Intel

Major Milestone CATALYST comes with a new Job, but not just any new Job -- the highest community requested, the venerable and respected Scientist or Science Officer, if you chose to promote. The Scientist is a powerful supporting character bringing Doctor, Explorer and Command Skills to the ship. From a Talent perspective, the Scientist can play in both Orbital Salvage and Explorer, knocking out and replacing risk cards or boosting results.

But where the Scientist truly shines is in the discovery and capture of a new type of data -- Scientific Intel. Startling observations, dangerous new concepts, recorded anomalies, encounters with the other can all produce Scientific Intel when cast through the lens of a trained eyed -- the eye of the Scientist. The Scientists Talents and 5 new cards added across Salvage and Explorer can impart this valuable and dangerous knowledge in the form of Scientific Intel.

Like espionage-based Intel, this Scientific Intel is highly prized by Contacts and 14 Contacts will now buy Scientific Intel, including 5 of the Starting Contacts. Mostly, these are a Contacts who did not previously buy Intel and now have a new angle through which you can increase their Influence and Rep, but a few are swap overs from Intel to Scientific Intel. The new rules and system have also touched on a huge number of Contact Traits that will recruit Scientists or prefer to purchase Scientific Intel if possible or will pay heavily (Cult Leaders!) for the secrets, often farmed directly from xeno encounters.

Scientists can be promoted or recruited during Academy Graduations or from Sage of Records, Medical Provost and Xenologist Contact Types.

New Level Cap 45

For those veteran captains still sailing the void after 70 years and reaching the level cap of 40, we've made a major lift with CATALYST to open the gates all the way to 45. This also includes a big uptick in maximum job level from 32 to 36. The job levels are especially exciting as they come with a solid chunk of Skill points which we've used creatively to fill gaps, catch up certain off skills, or double down on the primary skill. On top of the extra Skill points, the Captain and Officers both net a total of 2 Talents, giving you even more powerful build options.


Thanks Couchpotato!

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