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Kickstarter Games - King Arthur: Knight's Tale Updates

by Silver, 2020-10-30 11:01:29

There have been a number of notable updates for King Arthur: Knight's Tale which still has 13 days to go and is currently 75% funded.

Developer interview: Production and Scope

2. NeocoreGames has been known for its Action-RPGs recently, why this change in direction?

I think I’m not revealing any big secrets when I say that we’re currently working on a bigger Action-RPG as well, but the release of that game is very far away. We felt that we need a little break by developing something different, so we don’t become jaded with the Action-RPG genre. Once in a while it’s a good thing to do something different, to get some distance from the genre, so we don’t just repeat ourselves. Most of us from the concept team love tactical games and RPGs with a tactical approach, so the choice of direction felt natural, and then one decision lead to another. The thinking process was like this: "if we want a tactical game, we should incorporate RPG elements, since we’re mostly RPG creators and writers", so this is how this hybrid came to be. As this was decided, we approached it from a rogue-lite angle as well. And as soon as this mixed genre was locked, we looked around to find a setting. We wanted fantasy, and free creative control, so we reached back to our old King Arthur games. The last step was to approach King Arthur from a dark fantasy perspective.


Information on the morality chart

King Arthur: Knight's Tale follows the best traditions of turn-based tactical games and RPGs, but there is a new, innovative addition as well: the Morality Chart. Today we dive deep into this awesome feature which will define your playstyle and the characteristics of your regency!

This unique system will serve as indicator how your subordinates and enemies will judge you during the game. One axis of the chart represents Rightfulness and Tyranny, the other represents Old Faith and Christianity.

As you venture into new missions, you will be facing moral decisions which will move these values on the chart. Everything you do will be reflected here: it will show you exactly what kind of king you are.

Let's say there's a plague! What would you do? Sure, you can burn down every local building to stop its spread… but you can send in a healer as well. Riskier, but more humane! Or, let's say you happen upon a group of bandits harassing a merchant. You can deal with the robbers and let the merchant determine your reward, or... if you're in need, you can just take everything. So how do you decide? Tough questions!

The Morality Chart isn’t just a fancy display, it has deeper implications in the game mechanics as well, by unlocking:

  •  New heroes - Morgan le Fay, for example, will only be available in a quest if you meet the criteria of the morality value: push towards Old Faith, have its followers trust you enough to ask for your help.
  •  New abilities - Heroes have a special ability tied to their morality values. Heroes fighting alongside with other heroes who share the same world view might benefit from this in the party, perhaps gaining new skills and bonuses on existing skills!
  •  New management actions - As a Tyrant you might be able demand tribute to solve the problem of an empty treasury, whereas as a Righteous king you might formulate a new law that will bring steady income at a slower, but steadier rate.


Hero Spotlight: Merlin

Let's continue our hero spotlight, shall we? Today we brought along probably the most famous hero of the Arthurian myths - barring the Once and Future King, of course. His powers have been praised many a time, and his magic knew no bounds. Let's take a look at Merlin himself!

The legendary wizard, an ageless, mysterious presence who has been haunting Britannia since time immemorial. Merlin had been there before young Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and changed Britannia forever and the wizard’s role in that majestic event is still unclear; Merlin was also seen during the Battle of Camlann, and yet, no one seems to know clearly which side he fought on. He is an enigma, a power that cannot be controlled, a wanderer with strong ties to the Lady of the Lake. Presently his whereabouts are unknown.


Hero Spotlight - Sir Mordred

Sir Mordred was the nemesis of King Arthur, destined to battle the Once and Future King in their final duel. He fulfilled his destiny and they both died – or didn’t they?

Sir Mordred has a reputation of a dread knight, a ruthless, grim warrior in pursuit of the throne of Britannia. His slide into Arthur’s nemesis was gradual, though, as his growing conflicts with the King eventually made him the leader of the army set out to conquer Camelot, earning him the title of traitor on behalf of his fellow knights who remained faithful to Arthur. It is undeniably true that he never suffered fools easily and his relentless actions were always far from the knightly deeds praised by the troubadours, but he always kept the interests of the realm in sight.


Know Your Enemy - Banshee & Knight of Midnight


These frightening apparitions once served the Lady of the Lake. They used to be her white-robed enchantresses who protected the sacred springs of Avalon and assisted during the rituals. But when darkness came and madness swept away peace, many of these ladies died, and often they died very violently. When they returned – as most inhabitants of this magical island eventually do, one way or another –, they have turned into shrieking, frothing nightmares, raging over what they had lost.


Know Your Enemy - Lost Knight & The Lady of Summer

Lost Knight

In the golden age of Avalon, knights were wandering the island seeking glorious adventure. They fought and fell, but eventually they always returned fully healed and in great spirits. But that was before Avalon succumbed to the taint. Knights are still roaming the land and they still fight, although without the joy and the vigor; and when they fall, they will still stand up again, but darkness fills them like an empty vessel, and darkness remains in them until midnight ends.


Thanks Farflame!

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