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RPGWatch - Game of the Year 2020

by Myrthos, 2021-01-18 21:34:03

Update: It is no longer possible to vote.

Here is your oppotunity to vote for the game of the year in 2020 and the most anticpiated game of 2021. As usual you can vote for first, second and third place. The voting will last until next week Monday the 25th of January.
At that time I collect the results, do some stuff with them, even I don't understand and then somehow I end up with some winners that look reasonable.

This is our Game of the Year contest for 2020. In this contest we ask you to vote for the RPGs you felt were the best in 2020(we ask you for the best, runner up and third best RPG).

In addition we also would like to know which three RPGs you are looking forward to most in 2021.

Note that these lists are based on games that in one way or the other got covered at RPGWatch. The resulting list is derived from a much longer list, which has been reduced in length somewhat in cooperation with our forum members. In addition we have removed the games that are add-ons or DLCs as much as possible. You might feel that some games should not be on these lists for some reason. If you feel heart-broken over our decisions, don't vote for those games or don't vote at all and discuss it on our forums if you like. More information on how we got to this shorter list can be found here and here.

In total our GOTY consists of making 6 choices. If you feel you do not have anything to select you can select no game. Note that if you select the same game multiple times, your entire vote will be invalidated.

As always, voting is restricted to registered users only and those with at least 10 posts.

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