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OMORI - Review @ TSA

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-25 19:34:40

TSA has reviewed OMORI:

Omori Review

Every day, Omori wakes up in a room surrounded by white light, suffocatingly small and terrifyingly vast. Depression can make all spaces feel this way. Better get moving.

Every day, Omori meets his friends, and together they walk up the rainbow staircase. Past the talking snake, past the yellow cat with giant eyes, and through the tree stump into the Vast Forest.

Every day, Omori returns to white space.

With shades of Undertale and Earthbound, Omori is an RPG that flickers from idyllic to unnerving. From parks and picnic blankets to dark rooms where shadows shudder, nosebleed fierce. Hours in, I meet a talking leaf at a train station, whose burning hatred for bunny rabbits leads it to offer me blood money for each bun I beatdown in combat. On the train, I am plunged into darkness, as rows of the identical shadows that ride beside me each warn me with some variation on “This isn’t home.”


Nostalgic, lovingly crafted, moving, and surprising, Omori is a remarkable achievement. Earthbound and Undertale are easy comparisons, but Omori stands out as it's own, highly personal piece of storytelling. 

Score: 9/10

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