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Turn Based Lovers - On The Radar - March 2021

by Hiddenx, 2021-03-01 19:26:17

The Turn Based Lovers checked out the upcoming tactical / turn-based games:

On The Radar - March 2021

All the releases of the month.

About choices and consequences

"We are our choices"
– Jean-Paul Sartre

One of the most recurring topic for an aged videogamer/RPG addicted like me is: "Be sure that the story of our game will be heavily influenced by your CHOICES!". I mean, anyone who has ever played, just for once, a pen & paper RPG is well aware that the beauty and the charm of this particular kind of hobby lies in the unpredictability of the player’s choices and in the consequent impact of them on the story.
To better explain what I want to say, I’m going to tell you about what happened to me the very first time I’ve played to a P&P RPG. We were a group of five or six friends, everyone in their late teens, and we were playing to D&D (don’t ask me which version, I’m not an expert…). There was a great atmosphere: laughter, tension and chips were everywhere, and we were really enjoying our adventure, thanks also to a skilled dungeon master.
At a certain point, our characters were in front of a cave with a very narrow entrance. Everybody knew that the inside the cave was full of strong monsters (if I’m not wrong, they were some kind of lizard fighters…) and the idea of going into the cave one at a time was almost a suicide. We were in a deadlock…
But, suddenly, I had an idea.
I asked every player what kind of items they were carrying, and, among a pile of junk, I found exactly what I was looking for, the DEFINITIVE WEAPON: a…uh… strange herb. Nobody really knew what it was for, but I decided to do something a bit crazy with it. First of all, I started a fire very close to the entrance of the cave and then I decided to burn the herb on it. Not satisfied with all this, I used my cloak with the purpose to direct the smoke into the cave. 


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