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Non-RPG General News - Valheim: Early Access Review @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 2021-03-03 19:13:31

PC Gamer checked out the survival game Valheim:

Valheim review: a challenging and rewarding Early Access survival adventure

Explore, craft, build, fight, and survive in a massive and engaging open world.

It's my first trip across the ocean on my tiny wooden raft and I'm holding my torch nervously as I peer through the pitch-black night. I feel intensely vulnerable. I've never left my starter island before and I have no idea what's waiting out there in Valheim's massive procedurally generated world. After a long, tense night of sailing I finally set foot on a new continent, and immediately discover what looks like a village. That's a surprise—I didn't know there were villages in Valheim. The village is full of draugrs. I didn't know there were draugrs, either.

The mob of undead warriors bash me with axes and bombard me with arrows. I flee and sail home miserably with little to show for my hours of exploration save for badly degraded weapons and armor and a few draugr entrails from the two I managed to slay. I decide I'm never going back there. Ever. But the discovery of draugr intestines has given me a new recipe for sausages, so I stuff the rotting entrails with boar meat and flavor them with thistle in my cauldron. Then I eat them, my eyes widening as my health bar grows to twice the size it's ever been.

I am going back to the draugr village immediately. I need more sausages. I am now in the sausage business.


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