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Black Geyser - Tools of the Trade

by Myrthos, 2021-04-07 13:44:45

Last week the weekly update for Black Geyser offered more information on skills.

Keepers of lore, wisdom, of divine and spiritual secrets. Commonly called priests, they are some of the few who get to communicate with the gods and spirits of Yerengal. They all have their own ways of achieving this. Clerics pray to their deities, druids dream about the Green Mother, and shamans will commune with the spirits of the land. No matter the method used however, these supernatural beings will sometimes bestow their blessings upon those who ask. They have their own secretive ways though, and the reason behind why any blessing was given can rarely be known by the priests.

Blessings can affect a priest character in many ways. Some will enhance their protection against the elements, or increase the effects of their spells, while some may send animals to aid them in battle when they are attacked. It is only up to the gods and spirits to decide what happens.

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