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Divided Reigns - What's Next

by Silver, 2021-04-12 13:19:33

The latest update for Divided Reigns talks about what comes next.

What's Next for Divided Reigns

Achievements, new end-game dungeons, seasonal events, and more!

To everyone who's purchased and reviewed Divided Reigns so far, we want to thank you! Every sale and heartfelt review means the world to us! It really does!

Working Achievements

It's been a huge sore spot that our achievements haven't been working correctly. That is now fixed! Visiting the world map will grant you any achievements you have previously earned.

Huge shout out to the developer of Killer Gin which you can find here

In a moment where they could have been competitive and said, "lol, sux to be u" to us, they instead took the high road and helped us get our achievements working. If you haven't already, we highly encourage you to go check out Killer Gin, another recent great RPG maker game on Steam!

Big Update

  • Achievements are now working!
  • Customizable keyboard controls (Go to the options menu
  • Fixed fullscreen/windowed modes
  • TONS of bug fixes


What's next for Divided Reigns

We have a lot of content we are planning, but up first is our two (yes two) huge, extra hard end-game dungeons! We are planning on release of these dungeons sometime summer 2021.

Also, our first regular seasonal event will be Halloween. All seasonal events, additional content, dlc, etc. will ALWAYS be free. No microtransactions EVER!

If you are enjoying Divided Reigns, please take a moment to review it. It helps us tremendously!

Thank you and enjoy!
Happy Adventuring!

-Andrew Ryan Henke
-Adam Dover

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