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Legend of Keepers - Review @ PC Invasion

by Hiddenx, 2021-05-03 17:36:34

PC Invasion has reviewed Legend of Keepers:

Legend of Keepers review — Where there's a whip

When KPI means "kill people ingeniously."

You’ve already cleared dungeons, killed their end bosses, and stolen the loot uncountable times. Maybe you have even managed to run a dungeon as a keeper of sorts. But how about running a dungeon as a business; a business that wants to attract adventures to die? Then you need to play Legend of Keepers.

Damn, this is where I usually put my plot paragraph, but that’s basically it. All the dungeons in the fantasy world of Legend of Keepers are run by a corporation staffed with literal (and not metaphorical, like in real life) monsters. You are a manager of a dungeon, which makes you the end boss. It’s your job to populate a linear dungeon with traps and monsters to kill or scare away groups of adventurers.


Legend of Keepers is a game that’s a lot smoother than its title. Seriously, I had written the whole review for "Legend of Keeper" before catching my mistake in editing. The art is fantastic, the writing is fitting, and the repetition might be repetitive, but not too much so. The campaign format leaves the doors wide open for future DLC, and the game already has mod support. But it’s too bad that some modders (the ones not porting Heroes of Might and Magic III models) are only interested in putting more anime waifus into the game.

Score: 8/10 -

Legend of Keepers is a fairly engrossing game with a simple yet fun gameplay loop and glorious gory pixelart. 

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