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Legend of Keepers - Review @ TSA

by Hiddenx, 2021-05-11 17:32:39

TSA checked out Legend of Keepers:

Legend of Keepers Review

Being the hero is overrated. We’ve been there, done that and bought the mythril armour; for those of us who frequent fantasy video games, it can all begin to get a touch generic after a while. Then comes along a game like Legend of Keepers.

Upon reading the title, you’d be forgiven for believing this is going to be a hardy quest for adventurers seeking treasures untold, and in truth, there is treasure. However, unlike other RPGs, you’re guarding that treasure from would-be heroes. That’s right, you’re the bad guy in this scenario.

More specifically, you’re the dungeon master, in charge of ensuring that the monsters in your care (we use that term loosely) are up to the task at hand. You can crack the whip, quite literally, as much as you like within this game, but you still need to keep the monsters you’re in charge of happy.


Legend of Keepers is a delight to play. It has such character, both in its looks and humour, that it feels unique when compared to other games out there. For those who want to work hard to create undefeatable monsters and dungeons, there’s plenty of scope to carve out your success. It's definitely a title to try out for yourself, even if you’re not usually one for this type of turn-based indie RPG. 

Score: 8/10

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