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Age of Grit - Last Update Before Release

by Silver, 2021-09-25 11:05:52

The last major update before release for Age of Grit. Please note that the game is no longer on sale.

Version 0.9.1

Howdy y'all!

If all goes to plan this will be the last major update before Age of Grit's full release! This update includes tons of features and fixes numerous bugs/issues. A huge thanks to the community--all the feedback has been super useful. Please keep it coming! You can email me directly at

The game is on sale for the week so please help spread the word!


- Added 11 new player hull upgrades!!! Adjusted stats for some existing hull upgrades.
- Added dozens of new crew conversations--now your crew members have a lot more to say! Visit them as the game progresses for new dialog options. Occasionally you may receive a reward at the end of a crew conversation.
- Added several duelist NPCs to The Compact. These are NPCs you can get into fights with at a town. Each offers unique rewards when defeated.
- Improved the Precious Cargo job and resolved some potential related bugs.
- Improved the engine temperature gauge functionality.
- Reworked the way engine stats are handled. Resolved a number of several engine related bugs.
- Edited and improved all town descriptions.
- Improved the scripted event involving The Beacon and the Compact Brass.
- Fixed issue where the Map button was occasionally hidden when it wasn't supposed to be.
- Fixed several issues with the Save system.
- Fixed issue where occasionally the Enter Town button became unclickable.
- Fixed a minor issue where a weapon's Armor Piercing stats were sometimes displaying wrong.
- Fixed various minor Music issues.
- Fixed a strange issue where the Brooks Steam Plant engine would not display properly within the inventory screen.
- TONS of dialog improvements, tweaks, and spelling corrections.
- Resolved numerous minor bugs and fixes.

Thanks for all the support!

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