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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - EA Patch Tidbits

by Redglyph, 2021-12-02 16:12:18

Neocore Games shared some details on an upcoming patch for the Early Access of King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

December Early Access Patch Tidbits


December’s here, and with it soon we’ll have a new Early Access patch. And oh boy it’s an exciting one! We’re not only adding the optional PvP mode to the game, but new items, graphical enhancements and game changing balance and difficulty updates will be a huge part of this update.

We’ll announce the release date of the patch shortly, as well as post the detailed patch notes - and MOST DEFINITELY will play some (absolutely, totally fair and definitely not scripted to oneshot you if you come even close to winning kind of) PvP with you folks -, but till then, let’s see what to expect from the update on its single player side.


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