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Expeditions: Rome - Reviews Roundup

by Redglyph, 2022-01-18 19:31:57

Embargo has been lifted and reviews on Expeditions: Rome are incoming.

RPGamer: 4.0

For those looking for an engaging historical RPG, Expeditions: Rome is an easy recommendation. The options for tailoring the difficulty allows players to focus on their preferred elements and make it challenging, welcoming, and rewarding depending on what players want. While the game’s interpretation of Rome may simplify the issues of the time, Expeditions: Rome successfully uses its setting to create a very enjoyable role-playing experience.

Pros: Entertaining gameplay loop with flexible challenge options. Interesting story and choices. Enjoyable historical references.
Cons: Strategic cleanup can get a bit dry. Waiting for enemy turns can get annoying on larger maps.

GameGrin: 10

Expeditions: Rome is astounding in every area I was presented with. Constantly I felt like there were tons of things for me to explore and pay attention to, and truly simulates how I picture leading an entire war campaign.


Despite a bit of a subdued opening hour, Expeditions: Rome is a gripping, ambitious historical CRPG that shines in its writing, its art direction, and most of all in the design of its turn-based combat encounters.

TechRaptor: 9.0

It's easy to poke holes in other aspects of Expeditions: Rome, but they make up minor issues in comparison to the overall package. Ultimately, Expeditions: Rome is a great tactical RPG that is well worth your time. It has plenty of intricate mechanics to satisfy the tactical fans out there along with tons of tactical variety in its missions. Throw in a story that really lets you feel like a Roman citizen, despite how predictable it may become, and you have a solid entry into the Expedition series. Expedition: Rome is deserving of a triumph of its own right. 

Pros: Strong Tactical Battles and Mission Variety. Great Mix of Historical Accuracy and Alternate History. Tons of Mechanics Without Being Overwhelming. Large Scale Warfare, Sieges, and Roleplay Choices.
Cons: Narrative is Secondary to the Mechanics. Lots of Downtime between Battles.

And for the video format (both have timestamps in the video description):

Fextralife: 8.1

Expeditions: Rome Review & Gameplay Impressions – An Enthralling Experience of Ancient Rome


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