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Reverie Knights Tactics - Review @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 2022-01-27 19:28:16

The Turn Based Lovers have reviewed Reverie Knights Tactics:

A gorgeous tactical RPG – Reverie Knights Tactics – Review

Reverie Knights Tactics

Reverie Knights Tactics is the debut title from Brazilian studio 40 Giants Entertainment. In this gorgeous tactical RPG, players command a small squad of fantasy fighters on a rescue mission to an occupied city. It’s not all grid-based combat, though – there are plenty of story decisions to be made, locks to pick, and puzzles to be solved on your journey.


Reverie Knights Tactics takes place in a fantasy world that will feel immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever played D&D. It’s full of haughty elves, nimble halflings, and just enough magical technology to set it apart from Tolkien. Generations ago, the elves conquered the goblin homeland and built their capital city of Lenorienn there. Now the displaced goblins have returned with a massive army, massacring the elves and taking back what’s theirs.



Reverie Knights Tactics gets 2022 off to a wonderful start. Between its fun dialogue, great gameplay, and stunning visuals, this is a game that’s not to be missed. If this is what 40 Giants serves up with their first title, the future looks bright indeed.

Score: 9/10

Thanks Henriquejr!

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