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Afterfall is a computer game set in Central Europe destroyed in the course of a nuclear war. It is a postapocalyptic computer role-playing game (cRPG) that introduces you into a story of a search for identity. You are going to become the protagonist of a tale about the rebuilding of the lost order. You are going to create the greatest legend of the wastelands.

As a player, thanks to our new Oi’Bourgeois system, you get the ability to create your character and develop it in an unbound, freeform way. The style in which you are going to traverse the wastes and solve problems will depend solely on you!

Ever dreamt of being a sharpshooter? We give you 25 kinds of standard weapons as well as countless DIY constructions! If ripping into shreds every being you encounter is not your cup of tea, you can become the master of camouflage, and sneak like a shadow under the noses of the guards. Or maybe let your silver tongue lead you out of every oppression and your charisma bring even the most stubborn interlocutors to their knees?

What we are certain you will never encounter in Afterfall are repeated standards and linearity. Our game gives you unconstrained freedom in your travels, in discovering new secrets hidden deep within icy wastelands, radioactive deserts, musty marshes or bustling towns coming back to life.

Innovative solutions implemented in Afterfall will surely give you long hours spent in front of the screen. Our goal is to stop the stagnation on the computer game market, not to repeat the ideas of others. We herald a new wave, a wave that will come crushing down like a tornado, changing the virtual reality forever.

Our community and technical support will make sure that none of your questions remain unanswered. So, dont wait any longer and join us in the world in which a man with no mutations is considered a freak, and people glow in the darkness.

Welcome to Afterfall a game limited only by your imagination.

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Developer: Nicolas Intoxicate

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Canceled
· Publisher: Unknown