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Forlorn World

Forlorn World is a computer Role Playing Game. To divert player's attention from the daily grind we have created a world that presents an extraordinary history of mankind which survived a nuclear war and now is trying to rebuild the old civilisation. Forlorn World will take the player to the fascinating post-nuclear reality, to a world of everlasting winter, to Poland that has been changed beyond recognition during the atomic conflict.

The player will have the opportunity to identify him/her/self with the character that he/she will create. What the character will achieve during the travels through the Frosty Wasteland, if he/she becomes a hero or a villain or maybe will be forgotten, is up to the player.
Our character can travel alone or in a group. So far as the player has full control of him/her, the teammates are independent. Depending on the attitude towards the PC (PlayerCharacter), and their own personalities, they will be loyal, friendly, obedient to his/hers orders, or will flee from the battlefield or fight to the end, etc. The PCs actions will determine their behaviour, the respect he/she gains will have big influence on PC's image - but the player must keep in mind, that people not always are who they appear to be (and as gamemakers we made sure this will be the case) - and it is wise to actually listen to what comrades have to say.

Like in the real world, also in FW gossip spreads with the double speed of light. Infos on important events, scandals, mysterious assasinations and hot affairs, will travel between locations. The player will have to face the situations where the reputation and news about character's actions leave him/her behind and engender different attitudes of people.
The conflicts between the major organizations are to enrich the world. If the PC wants to, he/she can get involved and maybe change the outcome of the clash of the leading groups. Co-operation with NPCs (Non Player Characters) and Forlorn's reality, will build up a plot of the game.

In many post-apocalyptic games we get to know the world when it is long after the war and hardly anyone remembers the 'times before the Great BOOM', while in Forlorn World we present you the reality of the first century of hardship, the arduous struggle of mankind to survive after the atomic disaster.
Forlorn World is the first game ever that comprises post-nuclear elements and post-socializm. According to the alternative history of the world, made by Ground Zero, Labour Party had governed in Poland till the war. Thanks to effects of that rule, the architecture of buildings, items of everyday use, politics and social views of the survivors, or the remains of materials of propaganda (for example: posters), the player will have the opportunity to taste the nonsense of the socialist system.
The atmosphere of FW will also bring along a whole new range of experiences. Almost in every product (with the exception of "Transarctica" from the beginning of 90's) after the nuclear war came the global warming. In Forlorn World the player will explore different consequences of the Great War. Nuclear winter will subdue the world because of the huge amounts of fallout that blocked the sunlight.

Our hero will be born, and will live and die among the snowy wastelands. Live the adventure in the frosty, post-nuclear world! Your world, Forlorn World.

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Forlorn World

Developer: Unknown

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
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