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Formerly known as Terra ICT.

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Online flash game refers to a game played over the Internet using web browser for pleasure and relaxation purposes. These flash games are separated into different categories such as action, adventure, puzzle, massive multi-player (MMO), 3D first-person shooter, role-playing, sports, card, board, arcade and plenty more.


The increasing development of Internet allows thousands of flash games played over the Internet. Users can enjoy free online flash games designed by independent developers across the globe. These online flash games usually have similar characteristics to get the players addicted and engaged to the games – interesting story lines, simple interfaces, colourful graphics and good sound quality. A number of flash games are developed based on existing titles to reach out to more potential players.


The rapid development of flash games and wider acceptance among players enable developers to enjoy critical acclaim and provide more opportunities for talented creators to work as a professional game developer. Since flash games are gaining wider acceptance from the people, many creators decided to fully utilize Flash components to design simple yet interesting interfaces. One of the main reasons that prompt the developers to use Flash components is the ability to keep the file size minimum thus shorten the load times.


Another reason that encouraged creators to use Flash components is its compatibility with a number of scripting languages besides the ability to produce highly detailed 3D objects to get the players addicted to the games. As mobile wireless Internet makes it incredibly easy for users to surf Internet via phone, users can easily play online flash games on their mobile peripherals. Users can simply download the flash games for free or play it instantly with other players in the same forum. Realizing the potential of online flash games, advertisers now promote and advertise their brands and products through mobile ads. So the next time you click 'play' button, do not be surprised to find ads when you begin or end the game.

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