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Iron Lore

From the website:

Iron Lore Entertainment was founded in October 2000 by veteran game developer Brian Sullivan and successful entrepreneur Paul Chieffo.

Brian is the co-creator of the award winning and best selling Age of Empires series of games. These games have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, and have won just about every award possible, including many 'Best Game of the Year' awards.
Paul co-founded, developed, and sold a successful, venture
capital funded technology company. Paul's proven entrepreneurial and technical skills provide the foundation for game development.

Iron Lore is dedicated to creating top quality, blockbuster games in a professional, fun environment.

Creating quality games requires top production values in all aspects of a game, from design, technology and art to professional music, voice acting, and high performance multi-player action. To achieve this excellence requires the focused efforts of top talent in a fun, productive environment.

Iron Lore released Titan Quest in July of 2006 and the Titan Quest expansion Immortal Throne in March of 2007.

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