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K2 Network

K2 Network, Inc. is a publisher dedicated to bringing Asian massively multiplayer online games to the Western markets. It has published MMOs such as Sword of the New World, War Rock, Knight Online and Mu Online.

From their website:


In 2001, K2 Network was founded on the belief that the community experience of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG’s) will become one of the most significant forms of entertainment in the 21st Century. A bold and visionary company, K2 Network is poised to make that belief a reality.

Our Mission

We are driven to become the leading service provider of the largest and most active online game communities in the Western Hemisphere. K2 Network will accomplish this goal by following our founding principles and delivering the following:

  • World Class Hosting and Connection Speed
  • User-Driven Content
  • Quality Customer Service (24/7, Multi-Lingual Support)
  • Performance Enhancing In-Game Items for Purchase
  • Tight Control on Hacks and Cheats
  • Creative Pricing & Flexible Payment Options
  • Exciting New Events & Frequent Updates
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K2 Network

Country: United States