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Primal Software

From the website:

Primal Software is a full-service game developer. Among us there are programmers, artists, 3D-modellers, designers, marketing specialists, sound and music creators, scenarists, and game testers. Each of us has years of experience in the industry. There are more than 40 full-time employees and 20 freelancers contributing to Primal Software's success. 

We have both technologies and experience to create state of the art games and develop them within budget and on schedule, which is proven by the games we have already released. Our history started with sales hits in Russia - Petka and Petka 2, and went on to major international releases of The I of the Dragon and Besieger. Currently we are working on high-tech action title code-named Heavy Duty and high-budget movie license title. 

We have a unique game engine capable of showing hundreds of square kilometers of detailed landscape on a round physical body of a planet without any slowdowns at any zoom level, morphing the landscape in real time so it reacts to explosions, machines, etc. It needs no fog limiting the player's vision, shows both indoors and outdoors seamlessly without any specific handling, efficiently removes invisible objects and produces high framerates on most contemporary computers. This serves as a solid technological foundation to our ambitious plans for the future, both on PC and major consoles.

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Country: Russian Federation