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Mirage Interactive LLC

Mirage Interactive LLC is a game developer, successor of Mirage Media which was mainly game publisher and distributor. The original company was founded in 1988 and was the first Polish publisher of entertainment software for 8 bit computers. In the later years it successively gained developing and publishing experience by producing games for popular 16-bit platforms like Amiga and PC.

In 1993 Mirage started to distribute in Poland products of Codemasters, Titus, Eidos Interactive, Infogames, Core Design, Novalogic, Krisalis, Millennium, Silmarils, Ocean, 3DO and other publishers.

In 1997 the company decided to open a new development studio focused on a 3D gaming, what resulted in creating the famous Mortyr(tm) FPP shooter, later distributed by UBISoft/Interplay. Mortyr(tm) was a milestone product for the company, selling hundred thousands units worldwide.

The company's position on the publishing market strenghtened every year and it assured the permanent leading position among the top Polish distributors. The year 2000 fetched significant changes in the company's structure as the publishing and distribution part of Mirage Media merged with International Publishing Services C.G. and Bohemia founding CENEGA N.V. The Mirage development department formed Mirage Interactive Sp. z o.o. (LLC), a joint venture of private capital and the investment fund DBG Eastern Europe (Deutsche Bank AG, Mitsubishi Corp., EBOIR).


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