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Pixel Soft

Pixel soft, which has over 100 employees currently, plays a leading role among Chinese game developers; it has 3 published game titles including series "Blade & Sword" which had kept good sales for 5 years. The new upcoming online title featured in Chinese culture will also stand Pixel firmly on what's her passion, devotion and innovation ever goes to.Pixel believes in providing players always the better game by brand new ideas and quality gaming experience.

Pixel released the first PC game Blade & Sword in 2002 to the market of greater China area once after the company was founded. And the title successfully broke the ice and had her debut in the N.A. and Europe markets in later 2003 via by amazing Kung Fu action futures.Right after being on board, this title ranked and maintained the first place of ARPG list on Gamespot for 3 days, the Top 10 list for a week. It can be a very important milestone of Chinese homegrown games and game developers, as Pixel simply created a milestone of Chinese game in the west.

Along with the growth of Pixel as well as the improvement of project management and technology, the brother title Blade & Sword II- Ancient Legend and Blade & Sword Online were brought to players. The later one is the first MMORPG product of Pixel, published in 2004, so far are still doing well in greater China area.


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