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Egmont Interactive

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Interactive games


Egmont invites you to sing yourself hoarse with SingStar or beat your friends at Buzz. Afterwards, your performance can be uploaded to the internet, thus enabling you to share your results with others.


Egmont is the main distributor of PlayStation consoles and games in the Nordic region. Since the launch of PlayStation we have worked with the games giant as their official distributor in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


In the unique games world of PlayStation you can be the hero in your own action adventure in ”Unchartered”, or you can meet your friends in your living room or online and challenge them in a game of SingStar or Buzz.


The classic PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP were all milestones in the development of computer games. PlayStation games were originally mainly action games for kids but today all age groups play along. Today, we also focus on the social dimensions of interactive games and expansion of the online possibilities.


Online networks and accessories, such as microphones and web-cameras, offer a wealth of opportunities for shared experiences, fun and games, exercise and learning. Egmont’s successful partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has made the Nordic region one of PlayStation’s most thriving markets per capita.

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