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Event Horizon

Event Horizon Ltd. is an independent game studio. We are currently working on our debut title, Tower of Time; an RPG with real-time Combat (with advanced algorithm-steered enemies) and a rich and engaging story.

Our ambition is to create a game that stands out from other indie RPG games through the quality of graphics, focus on an engaging and unique story, attention to detail, and few innovative solutions when it comes to game mechanics. Most notably, we developed a new class progression system and tactical real time combat with slow-time mode, where understanding the differences and synergies between the classes and their customization is necessary to overcome the challenges encountered in the Tower. Enemies can surround you, target your weakest champions and position themselves at tactically-optimal locations.

We are a fully independent and fully self-funded studio, without any publisher behind us. Wish us luck

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Event Horizon

Country: Poland