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Welcome to the RPGWatch Wiki. This wiki is based onWikkaWiki and we have done our best to get it integrated into the RPGWatch look and feel. If you feel that something is not correct, don't hesitate to contact us in the usual ways.

This Wiki can be viewed by anyone. It's contents can however only be edited by registered members of RPGWatch, with a minimum post count of 50. You know you can edit a page when double clicking on it, opens an editor window and when at the bottom of this page you can see an [Edit] link. Please make sure to check out the Formatting Rules and the section about Using categories, prior to making any modifications. There also is a Sandbox that you can use to try out things.

You can navigate through this Wiki, by means of the main topics listed above the RPGWatch Wiki title and the navigation panel on the left. You can create, modify and see details of Wiki entries with the links at the bottom of the page.

A long time ago, a previous version of this Wiki was also in use and at that time the Wiki entries for Gothic 3 were created, which is why this game is currently in the list of games.

When you want to start a Wiki for a new game, you need to create a category for it (see WikiCategory), but it will not automatically be listed in the menu on the left hand side. That is accomplished by an admin with a manual action. Please contact us in order to get the game added to the list.

Note that you will only be able to add and change information in this Wiki when you have a minimum post count of 50 on our forums.
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