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Clandestine - Playthrough Diary

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-12-09
Aubrielle infiltrates Clandestine and brings back valuable intel about the upcoming spy thriller.
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Heroes of a Broken Land Review

Edward (Forgottenlor) Wilson, 2014-11-25
Forgottenlor takes us to Heroes of a Broken Land, and shows us what it's like to be a demigod in this retro dungeon crawler.
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Heroes of a Broken Land


Wave Of Darkness Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-11-14
A sequel to Legends of Dawn? It's called Wave of Darkness, and Couch has gone into the darkness to bring you all the dark details from the developer.
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Wave Of Darkness

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Preview

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-11-12
Aubrielle discusses Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the refreshingly mature ARPG arriving next week.
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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms


Late To The Party Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-11-10
Couchpotato gets all the details about Late to the Party.
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Late To The Party


The Nostalgia Files - Baldur's Gate

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-11-03
Aubrielle looks back at Baldur's Gate and just why and how it changed the world we live and play in.
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Baldur's Gate


Everstar Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-29
Couchpotato has an informative conversation about Everstar with the friendly people at Psycho Sorted.
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IceWind Dale Enhanced Edition Interview

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-10-27
We got the chance to talk to the fine folks at Beamdog about Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition just before its release.
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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Bedlam Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-10-22
Couchpotato had the chance to ask a few questions of developer Skyshine Games about their funded kickstarter game Bedlam.
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Outland 17 Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-20
Couchpotato and GrenadeTree Games answer your questions about Outland 17.
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Outland 17

CT: Demon's Revenge Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-17
Couchpotato gets the scoop on Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge.
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Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge


Lords of Xulima Preview

Aries100, 2014-10-14
Aries100 had the the chance to play the Beta version of Lords of Xulima provided by the game's developer, Numantian Games. Here are some impressions.
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Lords of Xulima


That Which Sleeps Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-11
Couchpotato interviews King Dinosaur Games about their exciting upcoming title, That Which Sleeps.
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That Which Sleeps


Endless Legend Review

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-10-09
What's it like to visit the strange world of Endless Legend? Aubrielle takes a closer look.
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Endless Legend


Graywalkers Updated Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-10-06
I had the chance to ask more questions of Russell Tomas about his relaunched Kickstarter game. Thanks to all the members who submitted questions.
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Graywalkers: Purgatory

Graal Seeker Interview

Couchpotato, 2014-10-02
I had the chance to interview French developer Lugludum about their new Tactical RPG game called Graal Seeker on Indiegogo.
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Graal Seeker


Divinity: Original Sin Review

Corwin, 2014-09-29
Corwin checked out Divinity: Original sin at his own pace and came back with a fine article about the game.
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Divinity: Original Sin


Leonard Bedner Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" , 2014-09-25
I had the chance to ask a few questions of Leonard Bedner who goes by the name of Challseus in the Neverwinter mod community.
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RPG General News


Clandestine Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-09-22
We met with Logic Artists at Gamescom and talked about Clandestine and Expeditions: Conquistador
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In Defense of the Subscription-Based MMO

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-09-19
Aubrielle provides arguments why it is good to have subscription based MMOs amongst the multitude of F2P MMOs.
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MMORPG General News


After Reset Interview

Kevin ( CouchPotato), 2014-09-16
Last week I had the chance to interview Mr. Nixon of Black Cloud Studios . I asked the community to send questions, and some of you responded. So lets get started.
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After Reset


Legends of Eisenwald Preview

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-09-11
Aubrielle played the Beta version of Legends of Eisenwald, and added some information from Alexander Dergay, the head of Aterdux Studios in a preview. So lets give them both a big thank you.
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Legends of Eisenwald

Blackguards 2 Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-09-05
At Gamescom Blackguards 2 was shown, which is claimed to be less complicated than its predecessor, but adding more complexity.
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Blackguards 2

Ghost of a Tale Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-08-28
We met Seith at Gamescom to talk about a mouse, rats and other things in Ghost of a Tale.
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Ghost of a Tale


Brian Mitsoda Interview

Fluent, 2014-08-25
We interviewed Brian Mitsoda on Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and Dead State.
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Dead State


Pillars of Eternity Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-08-22
We talked with Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke at Gamescom 2014
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Pillars of Eternity


Frontiers - The Faces Behind the Text

Wisdom, 2014-08-21
An in-depth interview with creator Lars Simkins and author Ryan Span questions that transcend both space and time. Such as, tea or coffee!
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A short Q&A with Logic Artists

Andre "Gorath" Wolf, 2014-08-08
We asked the Danish developer Logic Artists a few questions about their upcoming game Clandestine and a possible sequel to their sleeper hit Expeditions: Conquistador.
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Logic Artists


Konung 2: A Hidden RPG Gem?

Fluent, 2014-07-30
Fluent takes us a decade back to the year in which Konung 2 was released and shares his opinion on whether or not you should play this game, if you haven't already.
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Konung 2: Blood of Titans


InSomnia Community Q&A

Couchpotato, 2014-07-14
As promised here is the community Q&A with Studio Mono about their kickstarter RPG Game InSomnia. I want to give a big thank you to the RPGWatch members who sent me their questions.
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