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Sunless Sea Preview

Soulbane, 2015-01-26
Soulbane delves into the unforgiving Sunless Sea, the dread-inducing Steampunk roguelike coming February 6.
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Sunless Sea


Rain of Reflections Short Q&A

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-01-25
We had the chance to interview Lionbite Games to try, and get more information on their new Cyberpunk RPG game Rain of Reflections.
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Rain of Reflections


Raven's Cry Preview

Fluent, 2015-01-19
As we promised from the latest news-bit here is Fluent's preview of Reality Pump Studios latest Pirate Adventure-RPG game Raven's Cry.
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Raven's Cry


Game of the Year Awards 2014 - Most Promising RPG

RPGWatch, 2015-01-15
Like every year you also got to vote for Most Promising RPG of 2015. Check out the details to find out what games we and our visitors think are most promising.
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Game of the Year Awards 2014 - Best RPG

RPGWatch, 2015-01-14
The RPGWatch team and our visitors have voted for the best RPG of 2014 last week. Check out the details to find out what games made it to the top 3.
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Winter Wolves Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-01-07
We had the chance to interview Celso Riva of Winter Wolves.
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Winter Wolves


Clandestine - Playthrough Diary

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-12-09
Aubrielle infiltrates Clandestine and brings back valuable intel about the upcoming spy thriller.
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Heroes of a Broken Land Review

Edward (Forgottenlor) Wilson, 2014-11-25
Forgottenlor takes us to Heroes of a Broken Land, and shows us what it's like to be a demigod in this retro dungeon crawler.
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Heroes of a Broken Land


Wave Of Darkness Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-11-14
A sequel to Legends of Dawn? It's called Wave of Darkness, and Couch has gone into the darkness to bring you all the dark details from the developer.
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Wave Of Darkness

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Preview

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-11-12
Aubrielle discusses Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the refreshingly mature ARPG arriving next week.
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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms


Late To The Party Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-11-10
Couchpotato gets all the details about Late to the Party.
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Late To The Party


The Nostalgia Files - Baldur's Gate

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-11-03
Aubrielle looks back at Baldur's Gate and just why and how it changed the world we live and play in.
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Baldur's Gate


Everstar Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-29
Couchpotato has an informative conversation about Everstar with the friendly people at Psycho Sorted.
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IceWind Dale Enhanced Edition Interview

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-10-27
We got the chance to talk to the fine folks at Beamdog about Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition just before its release.
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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Bedlam Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-10-22
Couchpotato had the chance to ask a few questions of developer Skyshine Games about their funded kickstarter game Bedlam.
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Outland 17 Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-20
Couchpotato and GrenadeTree Games answer your questions about Outland 17.
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Outland 17

CT: Demon's Revenge Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-17
Couchpotato gets the scoop on Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge.
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Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge


Lords of Xulima Preview

Aries100, 2014-10-14
Aries100 had the the chance to play the Beta version of Lords of Xulima provided by the game's developer, Numantian Games. Here are some impressions.
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Lords of Xulima


That Which Sleeps Interview

Kevin Loveless (Couchpotato), 2014-10-11
Couchpotato interviews King Dinosaur Games about their exciting upcoming title, That Which Sleeps.
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That Which Sleeps


Endless Legend Review

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-10-09
What's it like to visit the strange world of Endless Legend? Aubrielle takes a closer look.
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Endless Legend


Graywalkers Updated Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2014-10-06
I had the chance to ask more questions of Russell Tomas about his relaunched Kickstarter game. Thanks to all the members who submitted questions.
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Graywalkers: Purgatory

Graal Seeker Interview

Couchpotato, 2014-10-02
I had the chance to interview French developer Lugludum about their new Tactical RPG game called Graal Seeker on Indiegogo.
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Graal Seeker


Divinity: Original Sin Review

Corwin, 2014-09-29
Corwin checked out Divinity: Original sin at his own pace and came back with a fine article about the game.
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Divinity: Original Sin


Leonard Bedner Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" , 2014-09-25
I had the chance to ask a few questions of Leonard Bedner who goes by the name of Challseus in the Neverwinter mod community.
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RPG General News


Clandestine Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-09-22
We met with Logic Artists at Gamescom and talked about Clandestine and Expeditions: Conquistador
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In Defense of the Subscription-Based MMO

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-09-19
Aubrielle provides arguments why it is good to have subscription based MMOs amongst the multitude of F2P MMOs.
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MMORPG General News


After Reset Interview

Kevin ( CouchPotato), 2014-09-16
Last week I had the chance to interview Mr. Nixon of Black Cloud Studios . I asked the community to send questions, and some of you responded. So lets get started.
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After Reset


Legends of Eisenwald Preview

Emma Yorke (Aubrielle), 2014-09-11
Aubrielle played the Beta version of Legends of Eisenwald, and added some information from Alexander Dergay, the head of Aterdux Studios in a preview. So lets give them both a big thank you.
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Legends of Eisenwald

Blackguards 2 Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-09-05
At Gamescom Blackguards 2 was shown, which is claimed to be less complicated than its predecessor, but adding more complexity.
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Blackguards 2

Ghost of a Tale Gamescom Presentation

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2014-08-28
We met Seith at Gamescom to talk about a mouse, rats and other things in Ghost of a Tale.
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Ghost of a Tale