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Victor Vran Review

Greywolf00, 2015-07-23
Our forum member Greywolf00 checked out Victor Vran for us
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Victor Vran


Expeditions: Viking Preview

Karsten "aries100" Aaen, 2015-07-15
Aries100 visited The Nordic Game Convention in Malmö to check out Expeditions: Viking
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Expeditions: Viking


Child of Light Review

Forgottenlor, 2015-06-16
Forgottenlor played Child of Light and decided to write up a review for us
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Child Of Light

The Witcher 3 Review

Morten "Maylander" Zahlquist, 2015-06-08
The fastest gamer of RPGWatch - Maylander - has already finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and reviews the game for us.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Invisible Inc. Review

Arthureloi, 2015-06-03
Arthureloi jumped into Invisible Inc and sent us this review
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Invisible, Inc


Umbra Interview

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2015-06-01
We interviewed SolarFall Games about Umbra
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Sword Coast Legends Community Interview

Joost "Myrthos" Mans, 2015-05-26
We asked our visitors what they wanted to ask about Sword Coast Legends and this is the result
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Sword Coast Legends


Dex - RPGWatch Review

Aubrielle (Emma Yorke), 2015-05-21
Aubrielle hits the streets with Dex, the brand new sidescrolling cyberpunk adventure from Dreadlocks.
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Victor Vran Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-05-18
We interviewed Haemimont games about their action RPG Victor Vran.
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Victor Vran

Tortured Hearts Q&A

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-05-13
Couchpotato talks with the developers of the NWN mods Tortured Hearts, and their commercial game called Tortured Hearts: Or how I saved the Universe. Again.
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Tortured Hearts

Fallen: A2P Protocol Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-05-06
Coucpotato had the chance to talk with developer Red Katana about their kickstarter funded game, Fallen: A2P Protocol that is available on Steam Early Access.
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Fallen: A2P Protocol


Drakensang Retro Review

Fluent, 2015-04-30
Fluent takes a look at Drakensang in a new video, and retro review.
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Drakensang: The Dark Eye

Shadowrun Chronicles Impressions

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-28
I was given a free review copy of Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown from Cliffhanger Productions. Since I'm very busy these days, here is a quick impression.
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Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown


Outland 17 Kickstarter Q&A

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-26
We had the chance to ask Grant Taylor of Grenade Tree Games a few more questions now that his game Outland 17 has launched on kickstarter this month.
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Outland 17


Pillars of Eternity - A Review

David "Corwin" Yarwood, 2015-04-23
Corwin gives his take on the latest release from Obsidian Games.
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Pillars of Eternity


Serpent in the Staglands New Q&A

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-22
We had another chance to talk with Joe & Hannah from Whalenought Studios.
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Serpent in the Staglands

OutWard Kickstarter Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-20
We had the opportunity to ask developer Guillaume Boucher-Vidal a few questions.
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Soldak Entertainment Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-19
Our next interview this month is with Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment.
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Soldak Entertainment


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows - Early Preview

Aubrielle (Emma Yorke), 2015-04-17
Aubrielle has an early waltz with Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, and hopes the composers strike the right chords later on.
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Masquerada: Songs and Shadows


Red Heath Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-14
Red Heat is a new turn-based RPG that launched on Indiegogo this week. We had the chance to interview the developer, and ask them a few questions.
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Red Heath


Pillars of Eternity - What Makes This A Genius Game?

Fluent & Aubrielle, 2015-04-11
Fluent and Aubrielle collaborated on a new article for Pillars of Eternity.
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Pillars of Eternity


Dreamatrix Game Studios Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-10
Wave of Darknees was funded this month, and I had the chance to ask Iggy of Dreamatrix a few more questions.
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Wave of Darkness

Modder Savant Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-04-07
We had the chance to interview Neverwinter modder Savant.
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Neverwinter Nights

Lords of Xulima Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-31
We had the chance to once again talk with Jesús Arribas of Numantian Games.
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Lords of Xulima

Ralin: Dwarf Wars Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-27
We had the chance interview Christian Biever of Ogardonix Ltd about his latest kickstarter Roguelike game Ralin: Dwarf Wars that launched this month.
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Ralin: Dwarf Wars


Jagged Alliance: Flashback Review

Edward "Forgottenlor" Wilson, 2015-03-25
Forgottenlor braves Jagged Alliance: Flashback. Then he tells us about it.
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Jagged Alliance: Flashback


Starcrawlers Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-23
We had the chance to talk again with Elena Consacro of Juggernaut Games to get an update on the development of Starcrawlers that just released on Early Access.
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Masquerada Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-20
Ian Gregory, the Creative Director of Witching Hour Studios talks about his new RPG game Masquerada: Songs and Shadows in our next interview.
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Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Dungeons of Aledorn Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-17
We had the chance to interview Team 21 about their new kickstarter game.
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Dungeons Of Aledorn

Olderbytes Interview

Kevin "Couchpotato" Loveless, 2015-03-15
My next interview this week is with Charles Clerc of Olderbytes.
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