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a pibbur April 6th, 2021 12:36

Google vs Oracle
Google pwns Oracle over API copyright. From Zdnet:
Google beats Oracle in biggest programming copyright Supreme Court case ever (https://www.zdnet.com/article/google…urt-case-ever/)

Sounds reasonable to me.

an incarnation of pibbur who considers his framework (PibburWorks) legal for anyone to use. but who offers no guarantee regarding stability, documentation, usefulness and in general (to some degree) advices against implementing it.

GothicGothicness April 6th, 2021 21:21

*googles PibburWorks* oooo, disappointing……..

Now it looks like Oracle is trying to earn money by charging for java instead…. probably Microsoft is quite happy about that…..

Ripper April 7th, 2021 22:29

Yeah, Oracle seems to have made a right dog's breakfast of things, all over. The major open source acquisitions they got from Sun have all either been forked or re-implemented outside of their control, as people got sick of their shenanigans.

Hurls April 10th, 2021 12:32

Java! New fangled easy languages. Bring back microcode! Bah, humbug…..
Wanders off muttering about youngsters…..

danutz_plusplus April 10th, 2021 12:47

Funny story about Oracle, I had a short run-in at a get-together with a guy that worked for Oracle, but in europe. And the ego on that guy was amazing. First of all, he mentioned Java in the following paraphrased sentence "You know Java? We made that!" with no self-awareness as to did they, or did they just buy Sun? :roll: Secondly, he's just a dude working for Oracle in Europe, but acts like he built it himself.

It always amazes me when people get that kind of an inflated ego just by being in the company that does something. I guess it's similiar to most types of ego boosts by belonging to a group of people, and you start giving yourself credit for being there. It's both hilarious and pathetic. :lol:

About this scandal in particular, it was hilarious hearing Oracle would be going after companies that use their base library APIs. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot. I remember Oracle was also the company who's Chief Security whatever said to white hat hackers to stop hacking their software, and reporting security issues. That's what their security department is for. Of course, as a means to mitigate all the bad publicity they were getting. Hilarious.

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