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July 1st, 2010, 18:54
Balance is a critical skill for soloing. You do no damage while on your back. I've found the best tactics for a solo anything is damage mitigation. This is why all my characters who have access to Resist Energy have it loaded 24/7, and why my Arcanes grab Blur as well.

Rangers are solid melee characters, getting all the TWF feats for free, which even after the nerf is still the strongest damaging style in DDO. Fireflash rarely does ranged at all, relying mostly on melee combat. She's soloed everything up to her level, with ease. Including things like Proof is in the Poison and Clearing the Air, which gave the entire guild trouble in the past. Then again, I view Proof as a test for all my characters. I even ran it solo with Mureall, a Sorcerer.

Many melee builds go 6 Ranger for Tempest I, or 12 for Tempest II, with 6 Fighter for Kensai or a splash in Monk for Wis to AC and unarmored AC bonus. Fireflash is a Rogue1/Ranger18/Monk1 Tempest III build plan. Able to self-heal, handle locks and traps, find secret doors, solid damage output in melee and even ranged with Many Shot, and can get fair AC for a non-AC built character.

A good plan is needed in DDO just as it is in D&D.

Heal actually affects how many hp you get back when someone revives you from being incapacitated as well. However, casting a Cure Wounds spell works better, so it's never used. Diplomacy causes the character to lose all aggro for a brief time. Handy for a Sorcerer whose drawing fire constantly, not so much for anyone else.

Jump really isn't useful to push, as I can just hit you with a Jump spell, which will give +20 right now, +30 eventually, to the skill. Add a +10 Item, and you're at the skill's cap. For casters, Concentration and Balance are key. Sorcerers and Wizards should also pump UMD for self healing eventually. Anything else is gravy. Though only Wizards are really going to have any significant amount of skill points. Clerics, FvS, and Sorcerers all have few skill points. Mureall took a few points in INT just to afford UMD and Balance.

Divine Vitality is only good for group play, as is Divine Healing and Divine Cleansing. Divine Light is a short range AoE doing 6d6 damage to undead (save for half), which is useful in about a third of the content, and Divine Might adds +2 to-hit and damage per tier, which is always useful. My Paladin runs that constantly, though my Cleric no longer has the points for it with the new Radiant Servant PrE.
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