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December 7th, 2011, 04:08
Two things to note about the build differences; STR vs DEX based.

I prefer STR for a few simple reasons. This is also why finesse builds are not considered the best for the game. If you don't believe me, ask around on the DDO forums. Even most Arty ranged builds just take enough DEX for ranged feats, and pump INT. Insightful Strikes keeps the to-hit up.

1 - More means to raise STR. Rage spell, Madstone Boots, Bloodrage item, Titan's Grip, etc can push your STR up well past DEX. DEX has nothing to boost it, period.

2 - STR adds to-hit and damage. DEX only to-hit on a finesse build. This means by focusing on DEX, you lose damage.

3 - High STR builds are more versatile in weapon choice. Ultimately, the only finesse weapon you'll want is Rapiers. STR builds can take the more powerful Khopesh, or pretty much any damn thing they please. There are Two-handed fighting builds out there for Rogues (non-Acrobat).

4 - To even use DEX for to-hit, you either have to go Ranged, or burn a feat. STR requires nothing.

While Jm swears by DEX, the fact is DDO is not NWN, and not 3.5e. DEX is practically a dump-stat. You take the needed amount to fit in the TWF feats, and that's it. On Fireflash's Ranger build, I took only 13 as I needed that much for Dodge (pre-req for Tempest). Her Bard build is rocking a mid-30's reflex save with a 8 base DEX. And I was able to open locks with 4 points into the skill, 13 base DEX, no DEX item, and a +15 OL gloves. I struggled earlier, but I never had level-appropriate gear to handle locks; only a +7 item that I used well into the late game. Once I grabbed a decent item, I had no more issues.

Between the two builds, mine has 60 more hp, higher general dps, higher to-hit, and more capability to change feats out for either hp, dps, or utility. Peter's has +1 UMD.

Power attack is debatable; already suffering a 3/4 BaB, and a -4/-4 for oversized TWF, tacking on an additional -5 to me is getting a bit difficult to offset. Which is why I didn't take it. It can fit, easily, but I don't know that 5 damage on the mainhand is offsetting missing 25% more often.
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