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July 19th, 2012, 21:23
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Spoilerfree review.

1987 "Metal Gear" was released to MSX (but were perhaps more famous on the NES). In that game Solid Snake were sent to the military base Outer Heaven to deal with a terrorist group. Back then the game was revolutionary not only for being focused on stealth but also because it actually had a story which was unusual for a '87 game. In the following titles the series continued the story about Solid Snake in a futuristic setting. But Metal Gear Solid 3 did something different, it was set during the Cold War and began to tell the story about the primary villain in "Metal Gear" also commonly known as Snake. This prequel was later followed up by Portable Ops and now Peace Walker ties up the bag.

The Metal Gear series presents one of the best written stories in video gaming history. For those who have yet to play the games I will not spoil it, if you never played the games before you can either play the games upon order of release or you may play them in chronological order starting with MGS3/Portable Ops/Peace Walker, then Metal Gear, MG2, Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 and finally MGS4.

For those who thought PO was a step down, Peace Walker isn't. PW represents much more of a true sequel to MGS3 and is definitely one of the series strongest titles.

Engine: Graphics & Sound
The game pushes the Portable Playstation to the max. Most of the time I didn't feel I was playing a PSP title. That said, the PSP do have a dithering that the PS3 remake do not so you may be better of grabbing that version instead. The voice acting is as usual phenomenal and it's amazing how much voice they pushed into this game. Every scene is fully voice acted and considering how massive the game is do not expect a game skimped for the handheld format.

Peace Walker isn't your ordinary game. If you played Portable Ops you know a bit about what to expect though. Peace Walker is part a stealth-game like the earlier titles in the series and part a management game in which you build up the army. Men recruited on the field can be put into different tasks which usually boils down to greater efficiency at developing new items that snake can use in the field. There's also Outer Ops which allows you to send soldiers to missions all over the world which brings home goodies or your men in bodybags. Finally you get to develop your own Metal Gear if you like.

Then you got a ton of missions aside from the main missions that progress the storyline. These Extra Ops contains various challenges and opportunities for you to find more men and unlock more schematics that can be developed into equipment for Snake.

In time, you will have much more items than you will ever need, which can of course be used in the games online mode that allows you to do co-op missions with others over the web.

Peace Walker is so packed with content that even if I finished it's main story after 2 months casually playing the game I could easily go on for another month just unlocking items, missions and secrets.

If you have played previus titles Peace Walker is a must. While Portal Ops was a bit of a letdown, Peace Walker is a real and important part of the series that ties the bag together and got great story and amazing gameplay.
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